We handle all of our communication via e-mail. You are welcome to leave a phone number and we may call back under certain circumstances, but e-mail is the best way to contact us. The e-mail address below is also our paypal handle. We do our best to respond to messages within 24 hours or less. Please know that our busiest time of year for our other business is in the spring, and so communication may be slow from March-early June.​​ Lastly, if you reside within or near Phoenix, Arizona - we may be able to arrange a local appointment for exchanges, including at local shows.

[email protected]

You can also reach us on Facebook via private message. We encourage you to like/follow the page since we post announcements regularly and also have regular sales and coupons there.

This is also posted under the "shipping/terms" tab. In case you missed that and are confused how to place an order,  simply send us an e-mail listing the species you would like to purchase and in what quantity. We will then respond confirming that those items are in stock, collect payment and shipping info, and then the items will be on their way on the next ship date. Please be very clear in your messages. For instance; "I'm interested in lobsters." could be interpreted as "I'm interested in giant lobster roaches (H. flexivitta)" or "I'm interested in lobster roaches (Nauphoeta cinerea)" or "I'm interested in lobsters (Nephropidae)" - in which case we can't help you with the latter. We also have no clue what quantity you are interested in which would effect our response depending on if you want dozens or thousands. Be detailed yet to the point and this will help us both respond and ship in a timely manner. We do recognize we have sort of an overwhelming variety of roaches, so if you're ordering multiple species be sure to grab pen and paper as you're shopping through our selection!