If you are planning to place an order, please read ALL of the information below. 

We ship both live and preserved specimens using the United States Postal Service.  

Regarding payment:

Payment is via Paypal and can be sent to [email protected] - DO NOT SEND PAYMENT PRIOR TO INITIAL CONTACT. Due to constant inventory fluctuations, you must make contact with us first to confirm availability of the items you are interested in. If you do not use paypal, we can accept personal checks or money orders as well. These will need to be deposited and cleared before we can ship your items.

Regarding live specimen shipments:

Live specimens ship out on Mondays/Tuesdays via USPS priority or express. We only guarantee live arrival if local temperatures are between 50-90F on both ends. Unfortunately this leaves a tight window a couple times a year. Thankfully, many roaches are  tough and we rarely ever have even a single DOA ("dead on arrival") even in borderline extreme weather. 2-3 day priority via USPS typically costs around $8 to $15 (smaller to larger orders, respectively) while overnight express costs around $35. There are normally no additional fees for packaging live specimens unless heat or cool packs are requested. In extreme weather, we may require the package to be held at your local post office for pickup. For very rare species in questionable weather, we may require express shipping and extra packaging. All shipments come with free tracking numbers so that you may track your box during transit.  We e-mail tracking information and confirmation of shipment as soon as possible. Until we can arrange for proper permits, all live insect sales are within the continental USA only. Some live roaches cannot be shipped to Florida. Please know your local laws!

Regarding preserved specimen shipments:

Preserved specimens are sent out as soon as possible, usually Mondays and Tuesdays as well. We mail these via 2 to 3-day priority which costs around $8 for smaller orders, and up to $15+ for larger orders (this also includes tracking information). However, this is for standard USPS shipping rates alone and does not include other boxing/handling fees that will likely be added on. Depending on the number and size of specimens ordered, expect an additional fee for packaging/handling. For instance, several fully spread, large specimens will be much trickier and more costly to ship than a dozen small pinned specimens. Large specimens in alcohol will need to be packed in individual containers with alcohol-saturated cotton or paper towel. Keep in mind specimens in resin add significant weight to the package. Due to all of these variables, an additional $5-$20+ will be added to the post offices’ shipping costs depending on the size of your order. Note that a large order of bulky specimens will take us hours to properly brace for shipping and pack in excessive packing materials. That said, the modest packing/handling fees we may charge on preserved specimens are most definitely not fair for US. Regardless of what you order, we will always do our best to keep shipping costs as low as possible without sacrificing quality of packaging, and will work with each purchaser. For now, preserved insect sales are also for USA only.

Regarding DOA's or broken specimens:

In order to run a good "business" we tend to err on the side of the customer. Meaning if something happens that isn't either of our faults, you will be the one taken care of in most circumstances. That does not mean the customer is always right, though. Usually we will replace or refund most to all of the contents should you recieve DOAs or severely broken preserved specimens. However, if a package is left sitting on your porch in the heat all day, is dropped from several stories, etc - that's on you.
 If something is entirely your fault, then you will have to assume complete responsibility. We do reserve the right to hold off on shipping for any reason and can't be held accountable for unseen acts of God, carrier delays, etc. In all cases, DOAs and severely broken specimens must be reported immediately and we will require photo or possibly video proof. Please don't let any of this prevent you from making purchases, but do be aware that this is a small business that can't afford to take constant hits for things beyond our control. Ultimately, we are always happy to make any issues right to the best of our ability but it will require us working together to figure it out. If you're cool with that, we'll get along great!

By placing an order, we will assume that you have read and agree to all of these terms and conditions.


Wondering how to place an order? This probably doesn't need to be said, but just simply send us an e-mail listing the items you would like to purchase and in what quantity. We will then respond confirming that those items are in stock, collect payment and shipping info, and then the items will be on their way. Please be very clear in your messages. For instance; "I'm interested in lobsters." could be interpreted as "I'm interested in giant lobster roaches (H. flexivitta)" or "I'm interested in lobster roaches (Nauphoeta cinerea)" or "I'm interested in lobsters (Nephropidae)" - in which case we can't help you with the latter. We also have no clue what quantity you are interested in which would effect our response depending on if you want dozens or thousands. Be detailed yet to the point and this will help us both respond and ship in a timely manner. We do recognize we have sort of an overwhelming variety of roaches, so if you're ordering multiple species be sure to grab pen and paper as you're shopping through our selection!