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Welcome to The Roach Lab’s official website! We are a large supplier of both live and preserved Blattodea specimens from around the world. We specialize entirely on cockroaches (sorry, no termites!). Our preserved specimens come pinned, papered, in alcohol, and soon to be available in resin, too! Because we raise our own stock, our specimens are in great shape and wild populations can remain untouched. We sell freshly preserved specimens for insect collections to universities, museums, hobbyists, etc. We also sell live specimens as pets, feeders, or for research within the United States. Whether you’re an individual looking for a unique low maintenance pet, a pest research lab looking for thousands of specimens for a project, or maybe an entomologist looking to spruce up your collection with some pinned Blattodea - we’d love to help!
About the Business
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The Roach Lab is operated by “blatticulturist” Cody Will, and is located in Phoenix, Arizona. Cody has been interested in insects since he was very young, and maintained this interest all of his life. He received a bachelor’s degree in entomology from the University of California, Davis in the spring of 2015. He currently runs a small business with his wife Kate, and also runs “The Roach Lab” on the side. The Roach Lab began as a hobby simply because of Cody's interests in cockroach diversity. After years of keeping various invertebrates including scorpions, tarantulas, centipedes, etc. - his absolute favorite animals to keep of all things were the cockroaches. With their general ease of care, high diversity of colors, shapes, and sizes - Cody collected starter colonies of these animals and within months had over 100 different species established in captivity. Cody thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of rearing each unique species and breeding them under captive conditions. He also enjoys sharing the truth about these infamous animals. As an entrepreneur and entomologist by training, Cody noticed the limited availability of these animals both live and preserved. Consequently, the business aspect of The Roach Lab was born from his hobby.

So why Cockroaches?

So why cockroaches? The word itself makes most people cringe. Unfortunately, the reputation of the cockroach is quite foul due to a small handful of species that are an inconvenience to mankind. When one hears the word "cockroach", most envision a large, smelly, fast moving insect running on the walls of the home, the hotel, a poorly cleaned restaurant, etc. In reality, there’s an estimated 30,000 other different species of cockroaches that DON’T infest the average home. In fact, many of these other varieties are in backyards across the nation right now, breaking down various organic material such as leaves, wood, etc. There are also thousands more in tropical areas feeding on fruits and veggies - species that couldn’t possibly survive within typical household conditions for more than a few days. Of course, there are those monster American roaches living in the sewer systems of cities around the world that can spread disease as they wander into homes in search of crumbs. Aside from these, let’s not forget about the beautiful, completely harmless varieties that go about their business in nature away from the kitchen and shower drains. After all, the latter completely and quite overwhelmingly outnumber the pest varieties!
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